Staple fiber


In the light of the latest information confirming the dangerousness of asbestos which has been proved to be an extremely carcinogenic agent polypropylene staple fibres are giving their contribution in order to make easier and more feasible to replace asbestos with a chemical fiber. It is known that short fibers are mixed into concrete to give better performances such as reduction of plastic shrinkage and plastic cracking and to increase the surface properties and durability of hardened cement derivate products. Asbestos was the commonly used fiber for up to now and still is the one giving the best characteristics to improve concrete. Unfortunately, asbestos has been proved to generate serious health problems both to the people who work with it and to the ones living close to articles manufactured with and containing it.

Therefore, in almost all the countries is got prohibited by law to utilize asbestos anymore and there are campaigns to replace the existing products containing asbestos with ones so but it.

Now, we have realized a new configuration of a SUPERSTAPLE line dedicated to produce a polypropylene based staple fiber having characters similar to the asbestos fibers with the aim to replace them fully. Indeed, with new staple fiber line have offered short cut PP fibers at high tenacity, low elongation and with a single fiber thread as fine as 0, 48 count. Thanks to the very fine thread diameters and because of the high tensile properties, such fibers are behaving almost the same as asbestos with it extremely fine fibers are doing alike. With the new fibers, offered articles such as ducts, corrugated roof sheets and roof tiles which are typical for fiber cement applications, can be realized with very good technical results. Other important application fields can be seen in the reinforced concrete for tunnels, galleries, dams, beams, columns, structures and frames where there is a benefit also in the earthquake resistance as well.

BICOMPONENT PET-PE, PET-PP, PP-PE, PET-CoPET, and HCS staple fiber line