The geotextile nonwoven materials are in a new phase where quality has became very important due to better performance with tighter standards is required. Geotextiles, thanks to their versatile properties, find applications in all the main construction fields such as on constructing roads, bridges and highways, railways, airports, landfill, geocontainer, pipelines and pipe drain, artificial beaches, sea wall construction and sea banking up, drainage for irrigation, drainage and reinforcement for building. Taking into consideration that in some areas (e.g. Far East) the demand of geotextile has a positive growth trend of more than 15% up per year (growth average on the last five years), we are going to see a situation where several new spinning and lines for non-woven fibres to produce geotextile have to be installed within the next years.

The market for non-woven geotextile applications is strongly demanding special fibers to improve the characteristics of the final web allowing the reduction of the product weight, keeping or increasing its mechanical properties. In this way it is possible for producers reducing their costs due to a lower raw material consumption per square meter for the final product.

This trend has become one of the decisive points for the triumphal march of the high-tech non-woven geotextile and it is “a must” for the companies willing to enter into this field keeping their profits growing. The high fiber characteristics are achieved with the one step compact lines designed by us where important solutions for geotextile fibers have been developed in the spinning and in the draw sections. The sort of polymer that is utilized in high performing geotextile is mainly Polypropylene which gives to the staple fiber above high quality. We are the main supplier of complete lines for the production of staple fiber dedicated to geotextile. Indeed, all the main producers of geotextile worldwide are achieving their best results using one-step compact staple fiber lines from us as we are the number one supplier of staple fibre lines designed according to this lay-out.