Chemical fibers


Two-step spinning lines are supplied by us for the offered of bicomponent staple fibers, for new kind of fibres and for special and technical applications. Bicomponent fibers such as PET-PP, PET-PE, PP-PE, PP-PA, PET-PA can be made from the lines offered by us. Several cross sections are available and the fiber thread  is from 1,2 den per filament. Among these products, an important role is played by the low melting PET-CoPET fibres as well. These quite new sorts of polymers do have a melting temperature below 110°C  finding interesting applications in the application field of non-woven fibres. CoPET can be utilized as outer layer of bicomponent sheath-core fibres where the ratio between the two components is from 50-50 to 20-80 and the spinnability of the CoPET presents certain peculiarities which can be solved with the two step process. Today industrial lines are already working in Europe and Asia for the production of low melting bicomponent staple fibres with two steps process.

The same lines are also utilized for the production of hollow conjugate side by side fibers using virgin or recycled polyesters.

We have first developed industrial lines for several special products such as

– PET staple with wet extrusion, starting from undried PET bottle flakes or amorphous granules

– PLA sustainable staple fibers

– staple fibres using multilayer PET-PA bottle flakes