Market Research

You are thinking at least one or maybe even the overall market in the countries of the former Soviet Union to be very interesting for your product or investment decision, however, still not having “developed” any relation to local market conditions there? We carry out professional and well-founded demand and market studies, specifically and custom-tailored to your needs, objectives and target groups – so you avoid unnecessary “sunk costs” getting the best conditions for a perfectly planned and implemented starting into your target market – whether for the distribution of your products on site or your decision to invest in the CIS countries.

Conversely, we are acting for you if being an interested buyer of products from the CIS states about evaluation of the current availability, as well as any specific purchasability and present legal position for the export of the goods you need.

Centerpiece and pre-conditionally of your success in the CIS countries and for prosperous acquisition of new cooperation and business partners is a professional preparation of your persuasive fair representation. We do planning for you and guide you in advance of your trade-fair appearence in all countries of the former Soviet Union at all levels.

We support you professionally in the creation and development of client data such as master data maintenace as well.