• Complete fibre lines plants

    1. Complete lines for staple fibers from PP – PE – PET CoPET – PES – PLA – PA and carbon fiber
    2. Complete lines for belts from thermobond, strapping, synthetic grass and mono fibers
    3. Complete lines for spunbond
    4. One-two component Meltblown
    5. SPS, SSS, SMMS to 6 section

  • Complete nonwovens plants

    1. Lines for preparation and mixing of fibre
    2. Carding machine
    3. Cross – lapping machine
    4. Scrim – stretching frame
    5. Needle looms
    6. Calender machine for thermofixation
    7. Thermical binding assisted of conveying and drum furnace, chemical binding, glossing / calibration, tumbler and conveyor-belt drying machine
    8. Slitter rewinder
    9. Service parts

  • Complete grid plants

    1. Tricot machines
    2. Coating System
    3. Raschel machines
    4. Weft insertion machines
    5. Warping units

  • Our services

    1. Investment project
    2. Facility Management
    3. Technical translations – www.simonyan-uebersetzungen.de
    4. Forming and origination of any variety of judicial documents
    5. Marketing research of market
    6. Management consulting
    7. Trade – assistance to trading

  • Welcome!

We are pleased to welcome you on our website providing you information on A&L Simonyan German Engineering. A&L Simonyan German Engineering is an element of the Simonyan group of companies and has been active since 2006. We are well prepared and ready to develop answers and solutions to your questions and problems using our long-time expertise and experience as well as our extended multinational networks. And, of course, we gladly provide our expert assistances for evaluation of your present business activities. We are looking forward to meeting you.