Meltblown process


Meltblown is a process that is being used in the production process

of non-woven fabrics produced directly from granules.
A special spinning method is applied in combination with high speed hot air to produce fine fibrous materials having different
These are of excellent quality, are of extremely versatile applications and easy to use for further processing.

The method

Melted in an extruder before, the granulate is delivered directly into the nozzle block under usage of a spin pump.
After passing-out through the nozzle tip, the polymer is drawn by compressed process hot air.

The resulting micro fiber fleece is deposited on an air-permeable wire mesh belt. For the preparation of laminates,
the meltblown system is extended by an unwinding station in front of and behind the nozzle.
A calender connects the supplied materials.

Thus, a-, two-and multi-layered fabrics are produced. For optimal processing, the microfiber fabric is marginal and
the winder wound cut-out for the application targeted.
The entire facility is equipped with high-performance control and regulation mechanisms.


Polymer und Granulat = polymer and granules

Spinnpumpe = spin pump

Heißluft = hot air

Kühlluft = cooling air

Melt-blown Vlies   = Melt-blown fleece

Endrolle = end roller