Personal Data:

Firstname: ARMAN
Place of birth: Republic of ARMENIA
Religion: Christian


Sep 1984 – Jun 1994
Visit of the School N. 2, Vayk, Republic of Armenia
Sep 1984 – May 1991
Musical School (Piano), Vayk, Republic of Armenia
Sep 1990 – Oct 1993
School for the competitive sport „Taekwondo“, Vayk, Republic of Armenia
Sep 1994 – Jun 2000
Armenian State University of Economics, city Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Sep 2000 – Jul 2003
International Moscow University for Right and Economy, city Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. Faculty for Economic Sciences.

Praxis of Profession

Jun 1996 – Jul 1996
Practical training in the firm “Adolf Würth“, Künzelsau – Geisbach, Germany
Jul 1997 – Aug 1997
Internship in the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Okt 1997 – Dec 2001
Quadrennially activity by the production- and wholesale trade firm „PIRUS – STAR” Ltd, Yerevan, Armenia
Jan 2000 – Mar 2000
Internship in the firm “Muscalla“ Ltd, Heidelberg, Germany
Mar 2002 – Feb 2005
Study in the University Bochum for Applied Sciences, Germany. Faculty for Economic Sciences

Owner and Managing Director of the “SIMONYAN group of companies” located in Hilden, Germany.